Monday, June 11, 2007

Waiting for wireless connection

So much to say but it`s great to be here. I`m on Helia`s computer and it`s hard to work with-old with sticky keys and in Spanish. "Blog mayus" is apparently caps lock and "supr" is delete!! I`ll write more when my wireless is hooked up and can use my own computer! Hope it`s not in Spanish...anyway, I`m safe & sound! It`s 22:03 and we`re exhausted(24 hr clock)-10:03 US!

Had to tell you have at least 20 cable channels that are sometimes in English. There are Spanish subtitles so hopefully that helps me.. One more thing. We actually saw Jon Stewart yesterday. He has his show on Intl CNN. I do recognize some words now. By the way, on the computer start menu, instead of Start it says Inicio...Ahhh, it will be a relief to use my laptop.