Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Construction Lessons in Chile

It's raining again-'tis the season. But we hope for some more dry days to finish a few things. Uncle Victor is working on the electricity and various other tasks. The septic system work is at a dead halt with the rain-also the water well. But the windows and doors are being installed so I'll take some new photos at the end of the week. Our hope is that we'll soon (2 weeks?) be able to work inside the house... meanwhile, a little background. The house has brick foundation which is covered by cement.-thick sturdy walls. The windows and doors are custom made. A number of "maestros" have been and will be used for different types of work. While Uncle Victor works on the electrical stuff(and today the small wall against which the woodstove will stand), another Victor works on bricklaying & cement work relating to the septic tanks. Nephew Hugo will be building metal tops for the septic, and did remarkable metal work on the front fence. Another guy is a whiz at digging holes where ever needed. It helps to have family connections-someone always knows someone!