Saturday, June 16, 2007


We did get our wireless connection...which enables me to write this blog. Sorry, I am catching up on writing some things that have already happened-including VTR coming out and getting our wireless laptops connections online. It took a while and a number of phone calls over a week and a half. VTR insisted many times they were on the way or we were first on the list the next day...eventually being a "squeaky wheel" was the only answer.

We’ve been going to the land daily. The other day we saw one of the many birds that run around on the ground with three babies. But, a few days later, we found the babies dead. Too cold, we were told. Apparently they lay eggs all year round. Often, you find their little brown eggs in the grass.

The view surrounding the Pirque parcella is gorgeous. The Andes loom above it all, and you can see fresh snow on the peaks. The countryside is so very quiet and peaceful here-only a whinny from nearby horses and the song of a bird. I feel like I’m home here. Is it because it reminds me of Montana, where I was born and raised?