Monday, June 11, 2007

The rental neighborhood

Bougainvillea and roses still bloom in spite of the impending winter.

As neat as the yards are in this neighborhood, they are the opposite in poor neighborhoods. Graffiti is everywhere and is sometime colorful and arty but more often is ugly. You can almost tell how bad the neighborhood is by the amount of graffiti. The Chileans love bright colors and the neighborhoods are nearly a kaleidoscope. I can see the fences serve many purposes. No one bothers to "tag" an open fence-solid walls are much more fun. The stray dogs are kept out and it's good for security-people love to keep their doors open but robbery and petty theft is a problem here. I'm trying to keep the yard and sidewalk neat like the neighbors. They must think us very strange already.

Little stores everywhere, two on this block. They sell whatever fits in their space-vegetables, fresh Chilean bread(which is almost like rolls), milk (leche) and Coca-Cola which everyone drinks at every meal, poor or not.

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