Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Summer in Chile-and Christmas is coming!

It is truly summer, I think. I believe it was 90 degrees yesterday and will be again today. And almost Thanksgiving but it just doesn't feel like it. Living with opposite seasons is a little disconcerting. The ski resorts are opening in Colorado and our backyard is in full bloom these days. It's one thing to live someplace like Florida or California and have a warm Christmas but when it's actually warmer than any other time-that takes some time to sink in.

In our tiny front yard, the roses bloom. The bougainvillea died over the winter-how sad! And I have no idea why since I've never had it in my yard.

More roses cover the side of the house and lavender grows below. The yards are tiny in town and many perfectly kept. Yes, those are bars on the windows-almost a cultural thing here. All the houses have them, no matter hwat the neighborhood.

Homecenter(Chile's answer to Home Depot) celebrates the summer season with patio furniture and Christmas greetings for shoppers.

The gardening section in Homecenter....I love it there. I always sneak off to look at plants and flowers while Michael looks for nuts and bolts. I found Jasmine vines(which I know nothing about) for 490 pesos or about $1 each. Mostly I just look at all the varieties, some familiar and some not.

A few steps away from gardening and swimming pools, a huge Christmas section. I believe that's decorated fake wreaths-about $26 US.

When I snapped this photo, a staffperson shook her finger. No photographs of their displays apparently allowed. Maybe she thought I was a spy from another store.

They not only "do" Christmas here, they do it big!