Friday, February 20, 2009

Back in the USA

I see my last previous post was November much happened after that. This will be my attempt to bring things up to date. Back then, we were living in a rental in Puente Alto and had internet! Soon after we moved to the new house(still under construction but with a bedroom, bath & kitchen finished) and sadly no internet. We got moved in and mostly settled and soon after I flew to the US for the coming birth of my first grandchild. Well, and also to see a few friends, do a little shopping for things that are difficult or expensive to buy here in Chile. But the main reason was to see family, hold my granddaughter, re-connect with my son and get to know the love of his life.

Going back to the states was a huge culture shock that I didn't expect. You expect it coming to Chile but going back to the US didn't feel like going "home" as I thought it would. I went through immigration/customs in Atlanta where I barely made it through long lines and security checks(during a 90 minute layover) in time to catch a plane to Denver. My son Mike came to get me at the airport and that was such a nice reunion! I was just thrilled. There was that little strangeness of going from summer to winter(I do hate the cold). I had a long list of oddities I needed to buy to bring back to Chile. An oven temperature gauge(not included on ovens here), books(in English, as many as I can carry), various kitchen utensils, pie pans, spices, well-a very long list. Not long after I arrived, so did little Josephine, on December 22nd-just in time for Christmas. Mike came back to get me(I know, I should have rented a car!) at about 11 am the 21st and Jessica's parents dropped me off at the house again at around 4 am on the 22nd. Looking back, the trip just seems like a blur. Mike was, of course, with Jessica at the hospital a lot until she came home and I did get a lot of baby holding time while Jessica slept(trying to recover from late nights with baby). My ears did perk up when they mentioned a possible shopping trip and I ran around in a frenzy attempting to cross items off my "list". The baby is wonderful and I so enjoyed that time. I also squeezed a quick trip to Seattle and Oregon in to see people. Before I knew it, it was time to go back to Chile. I packed all my clothes and oddities carefully, trying not to be overweight in any one bag. Looking back, I wish I'd spent time holding Josie that morning but such is life. Somehow I had pictured the whole family going to the airport with me and Josie in the back seat as we had before. There, I thought, I'd tell her how much I loved her and I would say my goodbyes. As it turned out, they stayed home and Mike took me alone. Of course it made perfect sense and I felt like a silly old woman. Mike hugged me tight when he dropped me off and I cried foolishly as I turned away. The baby will never remember the many times I held her, fed her, diapered her. The circle of life. And I was back on a long flight to Chile.

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