Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Santiago to Mendoza, Argentina and Back Part II

The bus stopped at the top for immigration where it was cold and windy. The Argentine flag was valiantly flying but it no longer looked blue and white but was faded from its high perch at the top. They busline served a snack but many more experienced bus riders chose to buy something from the little café there. We were unfortunately in line behind 4 or 5 other large tour buses so immigration there was quite slow. We all got in a very long line, first to Chile’s immigration and then to Argentina’s immigration booth. Everyone’s papers and passport checked and stamped, as well as all the luggage and backpacks. All of that took nearly two hours, but we were able to admire the many Porsches coming through the shorter lane. There must have been some sort of Porsche rally or race because there were dozens. Finally, we were on our way.

Our bus waiting at immigration.

A tiny little restaurant and evidence that Argentinans use horse trailers(In Chile, I've only seen horses in closed trucks.)
The argentine flag waves goodbye as we get back on the road.