Saturday, June 23, 2007

We have windows and doors-and snow!

We have windows and doors! They were all custom built and are made of Rauli wood which is a Chilean cherry-like wood. Roble wood was considered but we're glad that it's Rauli since we were told Roble is oak but it turns out it's not oak at all(rather a type of beechwood). Roble is Spanish for oak so many, many years ago, I imagine a Spanish person named it Roble and that's what it has been ever since. And hence the confusion between Spanish and English. I'm sure beechwood would have been very nice, just the same...

And this morning it snowed in Pirque. The mountains just disappear in this kind of weather-humidity was 100% while generally it's only 85% or so! Snow is rare here so it was quite exciting for many.

No work until Monday when the weather forecast says sun for at least several days. Good news on the electric-another 10 days or so. And the well guy will be out Monday(Lunes).