Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 10, 2007

Yesterday, we went to Jorge's house. He drives buses for Transantiago and lives with his wife Nina(Neenya) and 14 yr old(about?) son, Jaime(James). Anyway, it was really fun. These people were just the happiest people and live in a tiny, tiny house. Jorge(who is maybe early 50s) works 6 days a week and drives a 25 yr old Peugeot. The house is clean but the living, dining and kitchen in a space about the size of my old kitchen! I've noticed there is always a large table in dining and kitchen-so big, you can hardly move! The living room area matters little but a huge dining table is important. Jorge speaks some English(mostly from Michael) and Michael speaks his halting Spanish and I could understand quite a bit of what they said. It was weird because we laughed a lot-as if we all understood perfectly. They have little money so we said we'd already had lunch yet they gave me a bottle of wine to take as well as 2 empanadas(kind of a homemade hot pocket). Jaime sat with us and laughed too, he knows some English from school. A younger cousin was also there, just the nicest family. Michael and Jorge have had a running joke about Jorge's wife, that Michael visits her when he's at work(this is from many years back) and it's suspicious that Jaime is tall, like Michael! So, of course, Jorge made a big joke of giving me wine and indicated that maybe he and I could get something going!

Anyway, some lessons in there somewhere about happiness and life and money. I only wish I knew enough Spanish to express my gratitude for their kindness and absolute acceptance. It struck me that someone who knows only Spanish in the US would not be treated so kindly. It's interesting being the immigrant. I worry about my Spanish but Chileans assure me I'll learn quickly. Michael says that's because here they think blonds are smart! Very funny.