Monday, June 11, 2007

Banking and shopping

We went to the bank and waited outside as Helia did her banking, exchanging dollars for pesos and making a deposit. Everything is slow here and patience is important. We made a game of translating signs from Spanish to English, and watching the people. Many study my blonde hair intensely if they think I’m not looking. Helia says I have no eyebrows!

The taxis are black with a yellow top while collectivo(many can ride in one) taxis are all black. Cars are of course, all smaller than those in the US. But I think many in the states wish their cars were smaller with the current gas prices.

Then we went to the mall. Looks like any mall but signs in Spanish. A Radio Shack style electronics store was our first stop to get a transformer. (The transformer blew the breaker and we took it back later). Then the food court. McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell. The portions are much smaller and cheesy fries are served instead of tortilla chips with nacho sauce. Once again, we made a game of interpreting signs and prices. Life hasn’t been so interesting since I was very young! Now, if my Spanish improves...we'll see if immersion really works!

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