Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rauli Kitchen Cabinets

The new cabinets are installed and we are pleased. Maybe especially me. I am more than tired of the tiny little "American-style" kitchen in the rental house. The counters are both shorter in height and not as deep as counters in the US. The counter with the sink is even shorter so as I do dishes or peel potatoes, I have to lean over in an awkward position. If I do that long enough, I soon realize my back is not that of a 25 year old!

We have granite countertops and a nice big window over a double sink under a nice big rauli wood window so I can daydream properly. There is a little corner cupboard for wineglasses-remember that very inexpensive yet very tasty Chilean wine!

Over to the left, we'll have a nice little kitchen table with another window above it.

It's all starting to come together and we plan to move in "as is"-whatever it is-the end of the month. More photos of the rest of the house to come....