Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Baking in Chile

I decided I wanted to bake a US style chocolate cake. The cakes here tend to quite dry-it almost seems they bake them very low for a long time. So, I decided to try to find baking ingredients. First I found baking powder, then baking soda. Also vanilla and powdered sugar and baking cocoa. You can see that a non-Spanish speaking person like myself might feel part detective

Bicarbonato is baking soda. Horno de polvo is baking powder. Flor is powdered sugar and chocolate amargo is unsweetened cocoa for baking-there is also a dulce(sweet) version available.

Then we went to Lider, which is something like a Chilean Kmart. Lider has groceries, clothes, shoes, bags and bags of dog food, sets of dishes, shampoo... And I found a rectangular cake pan, a Pyrex measuring cup with both US & metric measures, a loaf pan for banana bread and a pie plate!

And the chocolate cake turned out just fine. I'll make some adjustments on the oven temperature and time next attempt but we were quite happy.