Monday, March 2, 2009

Sour cream and molasses Found!

Well, sort of. I used Chancaca as a molasses replacement. Chancaca smells exactly like molasses. It comes as a sugary solid and you melt it in water. I'm still working on consistency but I think it will do quite well. I use the double pack of chancaca with about a cup of water.

My other small victory was finding a good sour cream substitute. I used cream with a couple teaspoons lemon juice and made beef stroganoff which seemed like heaven to taste...but it may be partly because I had given up hope. Never give up hope!


anne of seattle said...

Making sour cream. [see site:] It assumes though that you can get buttermilk.
Just wanted to share with you all that it's actually a pathetically easy thing to make, should you need it for whatever reason and your local supermarket doesn't have it (the case for me and probably other ex-pats, depending on where you're living).
After 20 years of missing it and substituting strained Greek yogurt (a lovely thing, mind you) I realized I could make it, at least theoretically, so I tried.
Got ahold of some cultured buttermilk and some heavy cream. Put about a spoon of buttermilk in the cream and left it on the counter (covered ...) for about 48 hours. Scrumptious.
Just found out that to improve it even more, consistency-wise, I could have taken that mixture and strained it (cheesecloth/over bowl) until the whey stops dripping.

Laura said...

Actually, i haven't found buttermilk here. But a couple teaspoons of lemon juice in a cup of milk(mix and let it sit a minute) does work nicely.